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Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic is a staple in the automotive and trucking industry. They have been manufacturing some of the best air compressors and air tools the market has seen for over 100 years. No matter the size of your workshop or garage Chicago Pneumatic air compressors are there to help you get the job done quickly without skipping a beat or breaking down. They make air compressors for any size project. Whether your are air sanding old paint, grinding rust, or air nailing and stapling interior panels we have a Chicago Pneumatic air compressor to meet your needs.

Chicago Pneumatic Makes More Than Air Compressors

Many people think of Chicago Pneumatic as just an air compressor manufacturer but that is definitely not the case. They have some of the most reliable pneumatic tools as well like air ratchets, impact wrenches, air sanders, and much more. When you need a super heavy duty impact wrench for removing lug nuts on a semi-truck, a normal impact will not to the job. However Chicago Pneumatic 1” drive impact wrenches can remove the most stubborn nuts and bolts on all size vehicles or machines. Maybe you need a more practical tool like an air drill or ratchet, Chicago Pneumatic makes those as well. Air drills are a great tool for drilling into metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass and more. Chicago Pneumatic air drills are perfect for any job and Auto Body Toolmart has them priced at warehouse direct prices!

If you need a high quality and reliable air hammer or air chisel we carry a variety of Chicago Pneumatic air hammers and chisels. These air hammers are great for breaking loose stubborn bolts, rivets, and other rusted and lodged materials. No matter what kind of air tool or air compressor you are after, you can shop confidently with Chicago Pneumatic tools and products at Auto Body Toolmart. We carry them all at low prices and are ready to ship. So when you need air tools or body shop supplies you can count on us!