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Champ Clamps & Hooks

Champ clamps and hooks are built to provide lasting, reliable power for a variety of collision repair and auto body applications. From chain shorteners to automotive pull clamps, Champ offers an impressive assortment of accessories that are guaranteed to improve your quality of work time and time again. And if you have trouble keeping track of a lot of little bits and pieces, Champ even offers a handy accessories board to keep all your clamps and hooks in one place. Don't settle for anything less than the best — shop our selection of Champ clamps and hooks today and experience the quality that comes standard with the Champ name.

Chain Bridle with 8" J Claw & T Hooks
Regular Price: $131.99
On Sale For: $84.99
Champ 5-Way Combo Clamp
Price: $99.99
Champ Chain Coupler
Price: $49.99
Champ Chain Shortener
Price: $27.49
Champ Claw Sling
Price: $31.99
Champ Deep Hook Assembly
Price: $215.99
Champ Door Opening Clamp
Price: $259.99
Champ Rocker Panel Clamp
Price: $125.99
Champ Side Pull Clamp
Price: $76.99
Champ Triple Coupler
Price: $49.99
Chassis Liner Chain Lock
Price: $57.00