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Chain Hoists & Come Alongs

Heavy Duty Come Alongs for Sale

Convenient, portable, and capable of pulling and carrying up to four tons of weight, come-alongs are an essential part of the modern auto-body garage. Hand winches like these make it possible to straighten frames quickly and easily – and to do it without adding further damage to the car. You can also use your come-along to pull joints, dents, or even to move large items without reverting to extreme measures.

Of course, safety is an important feature any time you’re working with a come-along, which is why you always want to look for things like sure-grip handles that reduce slippage, safety brakes, and standard safety hooks that are integrated into the design. By incorporating all of these things, you can be sure of pulling evenly and consistently no matter what it is you’re working on.

At Auto Body Toolmart, we carry several different weight capabilities, and you can choose from options like the standard 4-Ton Come Along or a more convenient 1-1/2 Ton Come Along. Whichever size you prefer, you’ll also find that we carry a range of highly rated accessories to go with them. Our Nylon Pulling String is often purchased in tandem with a come-along because of how well it works for lighter jobs like bumpers, door pillars, or when a chain might only make the damage worse.

Come-Alongs, Chains, and Hooks from Auto Body Toolmart

Nowhere else on the web will you find such a comprehensive collection of come-alongs, winches, chains, hooks, pulling strings, and manual chain hoists for sale. Because we specialize both in larger auto-body repairs and detailed projects, we make it a point to carry everything from industrial-sized tools to amateur restoration accessories.

When doing a good job – and not paying a fortune for it – matters, Auto Body Toolmart is your solution. Fast shipping, great service, and quality products come together right here.