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Car Dollies

If you own a body shop, repair center, or work out of a home garage then you likely need a set of wheel stands or car body dollies. Often times, garages or workshops have space limitations where having a set of car wheel dollies can help you to position cars in tight spaces or will allow you to jockey a car without having to empty the whole shop.

Auto Body Toolmart understands all the needs a shop or garage may have. For this we carry everything you may need at work or at home to make a project or garage run smoothly. We carry a full line of car body dollies, wheel stands, body dollies and GoJaks, as well as easy rollers that support a capacity of up to 1,500 pounds.

GoJak is a fantastic solution for moving cars into position in a shop, showroom, garage, or even at a car show. A set of 4 GoJaks can allow one person to move a car into position if needed. They are compact, light and extremely affordable and will last for years and years.

A body dolly is a great way to move a vehicle body around with ease and make sure that you can transfer it to a paint booth or fabrication area without too much fuss. This will allow your team to work on the frame repairs and bodywork all at the same time.

We make our Champ line of car body dollies in house and can ship them almost anywhere. They are built USA tough and are quite affordable. If you need high quality equipment you can depend on, then look no further than our Champ brand!

Whether you need a car dolly, wheel dolly, wheel stand, or body dolly we have you covered. Order everything you need for you shop and increase productivity today with Auto Body Toolmart!

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