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Buffing & Polishing Supplies

Finishing a paint job is not just laying down a few layers of clearcoat and letting it dry. You need to color sand and buff a paint job or finish with auto buffing pads, buffing compound and polishes to really get a smooth as glass finish. Most auto body painters cannot lay a perfect paint job that does not require some sort of buffing or sanding to remove orange peel, fish eyes, or dirt. Of course a high-quality paint booth will remove contaminants and dirt from getting in your paint and will speed up the curing process but it will not solve all the issues you can have painting a car or truck.

Buffing Products & Systems to Make You a Pro

Auto Body Toolmart carries all the materials and tools you need to properly buff a car, motorcycle, or truck. With major brands in stock like 3M, Meguiar’s, and Mothers car care products, we have a level of finishing system for any type of experience or budget. The 3M Perfect-It product lines can help you create the perfect paint job whether you are painting in a barn or in a full service production shop. This full blown paint finishing system can repair scratches in clear coats, help buff out dull spots and restore old finishes, or you can use it to sand and polish out orange peel and runs.

If you are a detailing pro or run a full service detail center, we can help your business with the best in detailing products, paint restoration products and car waxes. The Meguiar’s and Mothers car care systems come in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs. If you need smaller bottles of buffing compound, hand polishes, or waxes for your home garage or large gallon-size containers for detailing large volumes of cars and trucks we can give you what you need at wholesale prices. Besides rubbing compound, waxes, and buffing pads, we carry clay bars, Mothers detail kits, 3M wet sanding paper, Norton Cleanup/Detailer Spray and everything else you need to paint or finish a vehicle.

When you need buffing pads, rubbing compounds, or a pneumatic buffer you know you can count on Auto Body Toolmart to have everything you need to tackle the job. Order your buffing and detailing supplies today!