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Bottle Jacks

When you need heavy lifting in a small package, a bottle jack is the right tool for the job. With a weight capacity of up to 50 tons, these compact units allow you to lift vehicles both in your shop and on the road. They make a great supplement to your existing shop tools or can be used as your primary means of lifting.

With brands like OTC, Sunex and Omega, we always make sure our stock of professional hydraulic bottle jacks meets industry standards in safety. The models we carry are also versatile. Because they can be used manually or pneumatically, you can always tap into the right amount of lift capability you need to do your work safely and with plenty of clearance.

At Auto Body Toolmart, we know that you can only do your job as well as the tools you rely on – but we also know that you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money on basic supplies. Look for discounted prices and clearance sales to take advantage of great savings. We often mark down equipment like our bottle jacks so that you can always access tools from brands you trust.

Bottle Jacks Sizes and Options

One of the things bottle jacks are known for is their ability to provide a stable base without taking up too much room. The Omega 20 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack is perfect proof of that. This model provides both stability and strength by reinforcing critical stress points. Larger models like the OTC 50 Ton Bottle Jack increase the lifting ability by including a wide forged base and greater height capabilities.

For lighter, more portable bottle jack usage, options include the OTC 12 Ton Bottle Jack or even the 3 Ton size. You won’t get us much lift power or height from these options, but features like carry handles and a weight under ten pounds mean you can carry them in your toolkit or truck for roadside service.