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While they are renowned for their power tools, Bosch also makes some of the best tire machines in the business. A Bosch tire changer and wheel balancer is the perfect tool for many full service repair shops and body shops. Owning your very own tire machine is a great way to save time on collision projects that need new tires installed or add a value added service to your service shop by having the ability to do tire rotations and wheel balancing.

Bosch tire changers are made to last for many years and use the latest telescoping arms that make changing even the lowest of profile tires a simple process. No matter the type or size of wheel, Bosch Diagnostic tools have the tire changer to meet your needs. Whether you need to change low profile tires on a 26 inch aluminum wheel or swap tires on a 15 inch Jeep wheel, Bosch tire machines can get the job done.

Many service shops and oil change centers are only able to rotate tires and wheels. They lack the capability of actually rotating the wheels and tires as well and balancing them with proper air pressure. Having this type of machine in your shop will allow you to bring in a revenue stream you did not have before. If you own a body shop and collision repair center a wheel balancer is the perfect machine to maximize your profits on collision projects.

Many shops bill for new wheels and repair a damaged wheel when working on a car or truck that has been in an accident. Yet they have to sub out the mounting and balancing and only get a small cut of the profit from such a project because they lack a tire and wheel balancer. Auto Body Toolmart carries the perfect Bosch tire and wheel machine to balance and change tires in your shop. So if you are looking for a new Bosch wheel balancer or Bosch tire changing machine contact Auto Body Toolmart. We offer some of the lowest prices on Bosch tools and shop equipment.