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Automix Sealers & Adhesives

When you need a well-fitting seal that is both durable and easy to apply, the line of 3M Automix sealers and adhesives is a good place to start looking. This adhesive system, released from the popular 3M brand, is part of a collision repair approach that works across plastic, composite, and fiberglass. Perfect for when you need to recycle damaged parts, rebuild parts, or restore an automobile to its original quality, you’ll find that this approach is one of the most affordable on the market in terms of your finished product.

3M has long been a leader in the adhesive and abrasive market, providing flexible and innovative ways to perform regular repairs. Whether you’re using Automix sealers for the first time, or if you’ve long been a fan of this plastic and fiberglass repair approach, you’re sure to find the right shop supplies here at Auto Body Toolmart.

Automix Adhesives and Applicators

Before you begin using any kind of 3M Automix product, you’ll need an applicator gun designed for use within this brand. Many Automix and Duramix cartridges have cross-over capabilities (so you don’t have to invest in a new applicator gun each time), which makes the basic 200ml Applicator Gun a good choice if you work across different spectrums. More specialized work and cartridge types will require other applicators, including this 3M Automix 2 Ounce Heavy Duty Applicator Gun.

The cartridges you use will also dictate the type of work you can get done. Not all 3M Automix adhesives and sealers are created equally, so make sure you look at options in seam sealing, channel bonding, epoxy adhesives, flexible foam, and panel bonding.

We also carry a full line of Automix accessories so you can continue to get the most out of your 3M system. Sealer tips, mixing nozzles, and flexible patches allow you to personalize your 3M Automix system without forcing you to invest too heavily in your repair equipment. Whether you need adhesives, car paint, or spray guns; Auto Body Toolmart has all the shop supplies for sale that you need.