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Anest Iwata Air Gunsa AZ3 HVLP-S Guns

Anest Iwata Air Gunsa AZ3 HVLP-S Guns

Anest Iwata Air Gunsa AZ3 HVLP-S Guns

Anest Iwata
Apply clear coats to perfection with the Anest Iwata Air Gunsa AZ3 HVLP-S Guns; it suits automotive applications with finesse. This air powered gun helps you get the perfect finish on your car exterior, be it a clear coat you are applying or primer and paint.

HVLP guns operate on the principle of High Volume and Low Pressure. A built-in cup holds the solvent, while the new responsive trigger operation helps deliver an even spray of paint for precise results. The internal wet parts of the guns are made of stainless steel for durable use without corrosion. These spray guns deliver the jobs in shorter amounts of time and you can paint a panel or the entire car and also apply extra coats as you desire. It is essential that you are armed with quality automobile guns such as these just as using a premium grade paint and primer is essential.

With options to adjust the flow, speed and spread, these paint and primer spray guns dispense the right quantity of product to prevent spills and smudging. Use the HVLP guns for solvent or water based applications, and these are versatile enough to give optimum results.

How does the HVLP Spray Gun Work
Just like a conventional spray gun, HVLP gun requires a lower pressure. However, it needs a high volume of air to aerosolize and drive the paint at reduced air pressure. Hence, it helps a better proportion of paint to get to the body surface without requiring high pressure spray and causing pollution in the air. HVLP guns enjoy another edge over the conventional kind in that they don’t waste material. There is no material lost in bounce-back, blowback and overspray. HVLP guns give higher transfer efficiency than other spray types that use higher atomizing pressure.

Bring efficiency and precision into your spraying and painting jobs with the Anest Iwata Air Gunsa AZ3 HVLP-S Guns.

Key Features of the Anest Iwata Air Gunsa HVLP-S Guns:
  • Stainless Steel Internal Parts: allows the use of both solvent and water based materials
  • Chrome Plated Body: does not corrode and stays durable through use
  • Low Air Usage: curtails wastage of resources
  • Trigger Action: enables ease of use and application to complete paint or primer jobs real fast
  • Large and Stable Fan Pattern: promotes dispensing paint, clear coat or primer across a larger area
  • Standard Plastic Cup Included: holds the paint or primer for spraying
Technical Specifications
  • Nozzle: 1.3mm or 1.4mm
  • Air Cap: HTE-S HVLP 1
  • Inlet Pressure: 28 PSI
  • Air Consumption: 10.83 CFM
  • Pattern Width
    • 1.3mm Nozzle: 280mm or 11.02"
    • 1.4mm Nozzle: 300mm or 11.81"
  • Paint Output
    • 1.3mm Nozzle: 144 ml/min
    • 1.4mm Nozzle: 159 ml/min
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