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Alignment Systems & Tools

Get greater profit and productivity with automotive wheel alignment tools that change the way you run your auto body repair shop. When you have equipment that allows you to calculate and diagnose wheel alignment issues within minutes, you can put more of your focus on the other tasks that make up your day. With high rates of accuracy and a cost-effective way to get everything in balance, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without the right wheel alignment tools.

For the most high-end, precision-based wheel alignment system, you should look to Tru-Line’s Laser Guided 4 Wheel Alignment System. This incredible system ensures accuracy to 1/64”, and doesn’t require you to invest in a rack. It works across different makes and models of cars (from small passenger vehicles to large trucks), and runs on batteries so you don’t have to go through the hassle of learning an entirely new computer system.

Tru-Line also offers several types of accessories to help maximize your Laser Guided experience. From alignment stands and turntables to slip plates, you’ll find the entire line of products right here at Auto Body Toolmart. We even carry reporting software options that allow you to upload all your findings directly to your system.

Why Shop Auto Body Toolmart for Alignment Tools

Accuracy matters when it comes to automotive wheel alignment systems, which is why you should always choose products that emphasize precision and repeatability. At Auto Body Toolmart, we only carry equipment that we’re willing to stand behind as quality, well-tested tools you can rely on every day.

Because we offer incredibly fast shipping direct to you from the manufacturer, we ensure you never have to wait for your new equipment. With our prices and customer service guarantee combined with the brand names you’ve come to know and trust, Auto Body Toolmart is the best choice for automotive wheel alignment tools that make a difference. Whether you need a toe gauge, paint booth, or a SATA spray gun, you can always count on us to have what you need!