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Air Hoses

When you work with air compressors, it’s important to ensure that your equipment is always up-to-date. Air hoses and accessories from Auto Body Toolmart make it easy and affordable for you to keep your supplies in good repair and to match the right-sized tool to the job.

Depending on what kind of air compressor you use and what your auto body repair goals are, you can choose from multiple sizes, types, and brands of air hoses. All air compressor hoses come with their own specifications, so pay attention to things like the working pressure levels, burst pressure levels, adapters, and the materials used to construct the hose itself.

The length of the air hose will also play a role in how well you get the job done. Longer lines like the 3/8” x 50’ Hybrid Air Hose give you more room to move around inside your shop (especially since it features an extremely flexible bend), but you may find that the additional coils only slow you down.

Air Hose Accessories and Equipment

In addition to an extensive range of air hoses, we also supply accessories, organizational tools, and regulators for your existing supplies. For example, if you’re looking to organize the air hoses you already own, then you should look to air hose reels and hose glides. Our Ingersoll Rand 50’ Hose Reel is a great choice when you want a retractable hose that comes with a built-in storage option. The Champ Hose Guide also serves a useful garage function, as you can keep air hoses off the floor while also making them easily accessible at all times. Options like the Air Control Valve with Gauge, Air Regulator with Gauge and Brass Air Regulator ensure you always have the right amount of air pressure for the job.

You can also look to us for replacement gauges, valves, swivel air hose ends, air regulators and even air compressors from Chicago Pneumatic and Ingersoll Rand. When you have better control over the flow of air, you’ll be able to provide a higher-quality, consistent finish that will set you apart from the competition.