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Air Grinders

When you need to efficiently remove gaskets, clean surfaces, and remove excess materials, metal, paint, and primer from your work surface, you need a quality air grinder. By harnessing the power of pneumatics and air compressors, you can get fast and consistent results without overexerting yourself. Ideal for car restoration and refinishing projects, it’s almost impossible to get the result you want without the right air grinder for the job.

In fact, air grinders are one of the most popular auto body repair tools when you need tough grinding capabilities that don’t take hours to complete. And with several different options in angle grinders and die grinders, you’ll find that Auto Body Toolmart makes it possible to match the perfect equipment to the job.

Choosing the Right Air Grinders

For heavy-duty air grinding jobs, it’s best to turn to angle grinders like those offered from Chicago Pneumatic, Ingersoll-Rand, and Sunex. With varying angles and sizes to choose from, you can get into tight spaces and cover enough surface area to finish a job in just a few hours. For example, the Chicago Pneumatic 2” Angle Grinder and Cut-Off Tool is designed for body shop repair but also comes with a lightweight grip and compact design for working in confined areas.

For finer, more delicate air grinders, you want die grinders with air compression hookups. Astro, Chicago Pneumatic, and Dynabrade are all popular options for the kind of detail work you need to sand, hone, and polish smaller surface areas. The Astro 1/4" Angle head Die Grinder is a popular choice when you want to attach your own discs, or you can choose a complete Carbide Rotary Burr Set with an included die grinder to get started from the beginning.

Air grinders make your job easier from the get-go. Invest in a quality tool and see the difference it makes in your day-to-day operations!