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AEN Booth Filters

A great paint job requires great tools to get it done. Look no further than the AEN paint booth fillers you can find here at ABTM. Using the right paint spray booth filters ensures the safety and ease of use you require for the job you're working on. To achieve the right balance, filters must remove and hold contaminants but still allow for proper air flow. If you're looking for that sweet spot, try the L560 AEN Cleanshop Ceiling Filter, that has a fiber structure and full-depth loaded adhesive, which provides an extremely efficient , yet low resistance media -- giving you the perfect painting environment. You could get this filter in bulk rolls as well as cut blankets and pads, depending on what your needs are. No matter what filter you need, you're sure to find an option that will work for you in our selection of quality products. Now, it's time to start painting!