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Learn how to properly apply a primer surfacer.

Prescription for Applying Primer Surfacer

Spraying Primer Surfacer is not a difficult procedure if you follow these three simple rules:

Rule #1: Always follow the paint manufacturer's recommended mixing ratios. ALWAYS MEASURE - Never Guess!

Rule #2: Use spray equipment that is specifically designed and engineered for spraying Primer Surfacer. 1.8 mm Gravity Feed fluid needle and nozzle is a great choice.

Rule #3: Use low air pressures (see below for all the reasons for this rule). Sharpe's 1.8 mm Gravity Feed fluid needle and nozzle is designed to spray a full wet coat at low air pressures.

Adequate atomization with less air pressure allows greater transfer efficiency resulting in many savings benefits, which include:

  • Fewer coats to achieve desired film build = Less spray time
  • Less overspray = Saves on cleanup time
  • Self-leveling effect = Less texture to sand
  • Improved adhesion = Reduced chance of peeling
  • Better solvent escape = Faster through dry
  • Faster cure time = Reduced sandpaper clog
  • Easier sanding = Save on sanding time
  • Better color hold out = Fewer comebacks

If you'll follow these three simple rules, you'll ALWAYS do a better job when spraying Primer Surfacers.

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