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4.2 CFM Air Operated Vacuum Pump - 3410

4.2 CFM Air Operated Vacuum Pump - 3410

4.2 CFM Air Operated Vacuum Pump - 3410

SKU:    ATD-3410
Price: $33.26
For R134a and R12 automotive use, includes fittings

Evacuate unwanted air and moisture from your vehicle’s air conditioning unit with the 4.2 CFM Air Operated Vacuum Pump. This venturi-type vacuum pump is powered by compressed air and is designed for servicing the air conditioning system. If you are opening an A/C unit for repair or when the refrigerant level drops, it is essential that the unit is completely evacuated by using a recycling/recovery machine first and then a vacuum pump. A word of caution here – always wear gloves and safety goggles when you work with a refrigerant.

This vacuum pump is suitable for use in R134a or R12 air conditioning systems in vehicles. It comes with fittings and a high-impact nylon enclosure. The pump operates on shop air – 75 psi minimum and 180 psi maximum. 

How to connect the 4.2 CFM Air Operated Vacuum Pump

  1. Connect a constant air source of 75 psi to the “Air Input” fitting provided at the back of the pump. Using a quick-disconnect fitting on the “Air Input” fitting ensures fast and easy connection to the air supply.
  2. Connect the center hose of a manifold gauge set to the Vacuum tee fitting on the front of the pump. Cap the port you are not using tightly, and open both valves on the manifold.
  3. Start the air supply to empty the system.
  4. Switch off the air supply before you disconnect the hose from the Vacuum fitting.

Key Features of the 4.2 CFM Air Operated Vacuum Pump:

  • Works on R134a and R12 air conditioning systems
  • Operates on shop air – minimum 75 psi and maximum 180 psi
  • High impact nylon case
  • Includes all fittings

Technical Specifications

  • Air Consumption: 4.2 CFM @ 90 psi
  • Vacuum Capacity: 28.3" of Mercury at sea level @ 90 psi
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2 lbs

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