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3M Sandpaper & Abrasives

It’s impossible to work in the automotive repair and restoration industry without coming across 3M automotive sandpaper and abrasives. No matter what kind of grinding or finishing you have to do, the 3M line of auto body supplies has the belts, discs, sheets, rolls, wheels, and specialty items you need to get the job done. Their products can be found in almost every garage in the United States, regardless of the type of refinishing project that is currently underway.

In fact, 3M is global supplier of abrasives and finishing materials to everything from individual garage owners to automotive manufacturers. This means that when you rely on 3M auto abrasives, you’re relying on the same equipment used at the highest levels of the automotive industry. 

For most car repair and restoration needs, you’ll want to browse everything from basic 3M sanding discs and sponges to more specialized grinding and stripe-off wheels. We also carry a full line of product brands within the 3M line, including our popular Scotch Brite and Stikit abrasives.

3M Abrasives and Products 

The 3M Company is an American multinational conglomerate corporation based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s one of the largest manufacturers we feature here at Auto Body Toolmart, though their products aren’t used solely for the automotive industry. Their sanders, abrasives, and grinding wheels make up over 1,000 different automotive products, but you’ll also find their supplies used across different industries and among DIY enthusiasts.  

You can’t run an efficient business without 3M automotive products, which is why we’re proud to offer one of the largest selections of 3M products and materials online. Buy in bulk, purchase only the supplies you need, or set up a regular inventory of the tools you use every day – Auto Body Toolmart makes it easy for you to access the automotive supplies you need for less!