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3M Paint Prep System (PPS)

The 3M auto body paint prep system offers an innovative approach to mixing and spraying solvent-based and waterborne paint materials. By using a series of mixing cups, paint strainers, and disposable liners, you can create a closed system for paint preparation and application. The paint is mixed and sprayed from the same cup. The liner is disposable and saves you from having to clean out the cup after each use. And the lid with a built-in filter ensures you reduce clogging and uneven applications.  

One of the best features of the 3M Paint Prep System is that it comes with specially-designed adaptors that work with almost any paint gun you currently use. With 3M PPS, you don’t have to replace all your equipment – you simply have to change the way you approach the prep and paint process.

Finding the Right 3M Paint Prep System Materials 

Getting started with your new 3M PPS is as easy as buying the necessary auto body paint supplies and hooking them up to your paint gun. For PPS lids, liners, cups, and collars, check out our complete supply. We offer easy starter kits that come with everything you need to use your equipment right away, as well as various sized cups that you can fit to the exact job. We even carry light kits to help you get that perfect color match.

PPS paint gun adaptors are an affordable way to upgrade your current paint gun system. For less than $15 and a few seconds of work, you can instantly start using the 3M system. Auto Body Toolmart is also proud to carry various PPS carriers and holders and PPS dispensers so you can organize your workspace and always have access to your paint supplies.

By allowing you to mix smaller amounts of paint at a time and eliminating the amount of time you have to invest in preparation and cleaning, the 3M Paint Prep System is one of the most popular ways to save money and run a more efficient operation. No matter if you need a downdraft paint booth, automotive paint, or a SATA spray gun we have you covered.