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3M Air Tools

Finish the job faster and optimize your finish with 3M air tools designed to help you get more out of your cutting, grinding, blending, and finishing tasks. Powered by compressed air, these pneumatic tools and accessories are some of the most powerful you’ll find on the market. At the same time, because they don’t rely as heavily on electric components, they tend to be lightweight, more economical to run, and easier to manipulate than many other hand tools with the same features.

3M has long been considered a leader in the abrasives market, which means they put a lot of time and development into creating high-quality air tools that get results. Comfortable grips and easy-to-use mechanics mean you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting used to the 3M air tools, while the company’s quality craftsmanship means you’ll always have a tool you can count on.

3M Air Tool Options from Auto Body Toolmart

The most common type of 3M air tools are, of course, their sanders. Because this company specializes in abrasives, it’s no wonder that orbital air sanders, file belt sanders, and polishers are among their most popular options. Available with both vacuum and non-vacuum options, and in a variety of sizes with complementary accessories, it's easy to find exactly the right 3M air sanders for the job.

More intensive abrasion work is also made possible with 3M air tools like the 3” Cut-Off Wheel Tool, which can cut through carbon steel, and the Nib Removal Sander, which works in very tight spaces to prepare the surface for a buffing application. 

Auto Body Toolmart and 3M make it easy for you to access the tools you need to do your job every day like air compressors, 2 post lifts, and paint guns. With affordable options from the brand names you trust, you can get in, get the work done, and be on your way that much faster – and with a final result you can be proud of.