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Zolatone Gray Stone

Zolatone Gray Stone

Zolatone Gray Stone

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The All-Purpose, Long Lasting, Multi-Use Durable Coating that looks GREAT!

Wonderful camouflaging quality, good aesthetics, easy application and versatile use make the Zolatone Gray Stone a must-have in any auto body shop’s repertoire. Being a great refinish product, zolatone works on many substrates and suits applications such as truck beds and boxes, aluminum and fiberglass boat interiors, industrial equipment, safes, light fixtures, furniture and shelving, interior compartments on fire trucks, utility trucks, safety vehicles, and ambulances.

What is Zolatone?

It is a polychromatic coating of modified nitrocellulose and has a flat background color as the base. This background highlights the fleck colors and provides a camouflaging effect. Zolatone is V.O.C. compliant, isocyanate and lead free. It stays durable and is easy to maintain or restore, as needed. This coating does not require a spray gun and shows wonderful adherence to primed surfaces. It does not need thinning and is ready to use.

The Zolatone edge

Boasting a durable finish, Zolatone stays put without the need for any special maintenance. You can wash and wax it just like paint. If any soiling happens accidentally, cleaning it up is a breeze. Even a tough and long lasting coat such as this one can give in to the rigors of use and could possibly get damaged in places. If the coating happens to show signs of wear, then just wax the damaged area to clean it and spray Zolatone. Once dry, Zolatone will fix itself and blend with the surface while showing no explicit signs of repair. This accrues invaluable savings on cost and time.

Tested to last really long, this coating withstands chipping, scratching and abrasion from daily use. Hence, it is a durable form of coating and definitely one that you can depend on. While paint can lose its charm with use and scratch, Zolatone stays looking great much longer. With a textured surface in multiple colors, it hides imperfections on metallic surfaces. What’s more, worn out beds of old work trucks can transform to looking new with Zolatone.

How to use Zolatone the right way

  • Mixing Zolatone with Quick Step Catalyst helps boost chemical and water resistance. This catalyst will not hamper its adhesive quality and Zolatone will continue to adhere well to surfaces and improve in performance.
  • Use Zolatone as clear coat or with a paint over it
  • You can apply with a pressure feed spray gun of the conventional kind or a pressure feed HVLP spray gun.
  • Depending on the substrate, color and application method, a gallon of Zolatone can cover up to 125-175 sq. ft./gallon
  • It takes two hours to air dry at 70ºF and humidity of 50%. A full treatment takes 5-7 days to achieve till when you can avail light use of the cured surface
  • Force drying at 140ºF and it takes 30-60 minutes to achieve that
  • Zolatone to Quick Step Catalyst ratio is 16:1

Conceal unsightly damages on metallic surfaces of your automobile with the Zolatone Gray Stone and it will reveal a look as good as new on the cured surface.


PDF Prep, Mixing & Application Instructions


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