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UView Airlift Coolant Filling Tool - 550000

UView Airlift Coolant Filling Tool - 550000

UView Airlift Coolant Filling Tool - 550000

SKU:    UVIEW-550000
Price: $144.99

The UView Airlift Coolant Filling Tool is an OEM approved tool that does away with time-consuming purging and bleeding and refills the complete cooling system along with the heater core. Today’s automobile cooling systems come with problematic airlocks that can be easily handled and eliminated by the Airlift Coolant Filling Tool. With the help of shop air, technicians can perform a leak test. In the process, the technician can easily eliminate air locks and refill the system within a couple of minutes. This system checks for leaks when under vacuum and works well on trucks, cars, and off-road vehicles.

What does this kit contain?

  • A vacuum assembly machined out of solid brass. This machine is fitted with a vacuum gauge (0-30 inches Hg) and a ball-style shutoff valve
  • Rubber adapter rings
  • Tapered rubber cone
  • Vacuum hose adapter
  • Clear plastic fills hose with inlet strainer

Things to keep in mind when using the UView Airlift Coolant Filling Tool:

  • This tool can only vacuum and refill the system and does not remove coolant
  • Drain coolant before using
  • Warm engine to normal operating temperature with heat intensity set to MAX hot
  • Shut engine and open the radiator drain

How to use the UView Airlift Coolant Filling Tool:

  • Drain all the coolant from the cooling system
  • Insert the Airlift into the coolant fill neck or overflow bottle
  • Connect the compressed air supply to the Airlift vacuum unit
  • If the vacuum holds then connect the fill hose to a bucket of fresh coolant and then open the fill valve to draw the coolant back into the system

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