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TPMS Tools

The right TPMS tool can streamline the way you mount, change, and rotate tires, making your garage more efficient overall. As more and more vehicles are manufactured with advanced technology and onboard computers, repair shops have to keep up in order to provide the right services. In some cases, this means tapping into tire pressure monitoring systems, which read the air pressure inside the tires and alert drivers to potential dangers and changes.

The TPMS tools offered from Auto Body Toolmart tap into a PC-based software that allows you to gauge and reset TPMS quickly and easily. Whether you’re performing a seasonal rotation and need to adjust the TPMS accordingly, or if you’ve done repairs and are ready to reset the system, you need a TPMS tool designed to work across car makes and models.

TPMS Tools and Options

When you need a basic diagnostic tool that can tap into more than the tire pressure to include electronic parking brake, anti-locking brake, supplemental restraint, airbag, and steering angle sensor systems, the Autel MaxiCheck® Pro Service Tool is more than capable of getting the job done. It also includes service resets for almost all modern vehicles, including foreign imports from BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, VW, and Fiat.

For more advanced technology kits, options like the Bartec TECH300PSDC TPMS Tool make sense. More comprehensive and with the capabilities to relearn new and updated automobile makes, this TPMS tool has the ability to grow with you.

Regardless of whether you want a simple tool for basic tire mounting, or if you need an advanced sensor kit that goes beyond TPMS to include several different onboard computer systems, you’ll find the right technology at Auto Body Toolmart. We’re always on the lookout for ways to make your garage more efficient, and TMPS tools are a big part of that.