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Auto Body & Mechanics Tools for Any Budget or Project

Tools are the most important part of any garage, body shop, auto shop, or wood shop. They help us do work in a much more efficient manner and many times there are projects we just cannot do with our bare hands. Sometimes you need the leverage of a wrench to loosen a bolt or a screwdriver to remove a body panel. In other times you need a flat sanding block to sand body filler to keep your panel looking straight and not like an ocean. For all of these reasons that is why you need Auto Body Toolmart.

Our full line of hand tools, air tools, and power tools will surely satisfy any of your project needs. We have common tools like ratchets, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and pliers but we also carry your more specialized tools and equipment. These specialized tools could be a clip removal tool, grinders, steering wheel pullers, a gear wrench, or a set of brake tools.

With all the different common and specialty tools it takes to restore or repair a car you should not need to waste time and money going to several places for different equipment. We make things easy and carry everything you need from brands you know are good. We carry brands like Craftsman, OTC, Steck, 3M, Astro, and many many more.

Tools made in the U.S.A.

At Auto Body Toolmart we are proud to manufacture tools and sell tools that are made right here in the U.S.A.. Being made in America is not a scam to sell things for more money. It is a way to support high quality and keep jobs in our own borders. The quality of American made tools is in many cases far superior than the foreign manufacturers. So if you want a great tool that supports your fellow Americans then look no further, we have everything you need.

For everything you need in your garage, body shop, or workshop to get the job done and done right, contact Auto Body Toolmart. Our auto shop and body shop tools and supplies are the best in the business so order yours today!

   Belt Tools

   Brake Tools

   Burr Kits

   Chisels, Scrapers & Punch Tools

   Clip Removers

   Complete Tool Sets

   Cordless Tools

   Cutting Tools

   Door & Lock Tools

   Drill Bits

   Electric Tools

   Engine Tools


   Fuel Line Tools


   Hammer & Dolly Sets


   Hex Keys

   Hooks & Picks

   KD-Hand Tools

   Locking Pliers

   Lockout Tools

   Misc. Hand Tools


   Oil Change & Lube Tools


   Pry Bars


   Ratchets & Drive Tools

   Riveters & Thread Setters

   Screwdrivers - Individual

   Screwdrivers - Sets

   SK Tools

   Socket Sets - Imports

   Socket Sets - USA

   Sockets - Individual

   Specialty Tools


   Suspension Tools

   Tap and Die Sets

   Tire Tools

   Tool Boxes

   Torx Bits

   Transmission Tools

   Wrenches - Individual

   Wrenches - Sets

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