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Spot Welders & Accessories

Removing spot welds doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right spot welders and accessories for the job, you can drill out spot welds in your work surface without excess grinding, sanding, or surface prep. Control of depth and speed are also important factors, as they allow you to perfect your technique and get the job done quickly.

The spot welders we carry at Auto Body Toolmart are designed to get fast, consistent results without a high overhead. Offered from trusted brands like Astro and Dent Fix, these spot welders and removers are some of our most popular welding and body restoration tools.

Spot Welders and Accessories  

The Astro Air Spot Drill Kit is ideal when you want all of your spot welding tools in one handy package. Adjustable speeds and depth stop allow you maximum control, so you can drill out just the area you’re working with and not the panels below. This control also allows you to extend the life of your drill bits and tool, since you’ll never have to apply more pressure or speed than you need for the job.  

For even greater control and a set of titanium coated drill bits in a variety of sizes, look to the Dent Fix Spitznagel Spot Annihilator Deluxe Spot Weld Drill Kit. With a 1000rpm motor and a smart pressure valve, you can always be assured of using the exact amount of power you need – and with high-quality bits that can get through Boron Steel.

Both of these pneumatic tools make it easy to incorporate a new spot welder into your existing lineup of tools, and our fast shipping means you can have them sooner rather than later. You can also include wax sticks and other spot welder accessories into your order so you can get started using your new tool right away!

Dent Fix Spitznagel Spot Annihilator Deluxe Spot Weld Drill Kit - DF-15DX
Dent Fix Spitznagel Spot Annihilator Deluxe Spot Weld Drill Kit - DF-15DX
Price: $439.99 
Wax Stick Lubricant
Wax Stick Lubricant
Regular Price: $13.99
 On Sale For: $11.99 

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