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SEM Rust-Shield & Hardener

SEM Rust-Shield & Hardener

SEM Rust-Shield & Hardener


Tough, Long Lasting Finish!

Provide a barrier between your vehicle and the elements with this very special formula, SEM Rust-Shield & Hardener. This exclusive formula works exceedingly well to prevent corrosion and rust on ferrous metals. When applied properly, the Rust-Shield can help in keeping your vehicle rust-free forever.

Why is rust harmful to your vehicle?

The combination of iron and oxygen forms rust. When rust takes over iron mass (your vehicle), it can cause serious disintegration. The process of corrosion follows when moisture and dirt come together. Rust can bring down the value of your vehicle and decreases it's lifespan.

What can SEM Rust-Shield & Hardener do to your vehicle?

By inserting a barrier between rust and metal, this formula helps in protecting your vehicle from corrosive damage. With good adhesion to painted or unpainted surface, the SEM Rust Shield is perfect for newly repaired auto body parts. This formula prevents dust penetration that is the main cause of corrosion. Use it to rust-proof new cars or replacement panels. 

With outstanding coverage, the SEM Rust-Shield & Hardener is durable and has a long lasting finish. It does not drip, sag or run and provides excellent adhesion to surfaces. You can intermix the formula for custom color. The hardener that comes with Rust-Shield helps in enhancing the durability and adds the much-needed gloss. 

When applied correctly, it can help in restoring the repair of existing corrosion protection to original specifications. This product is available in FMF Gray, White, Black, Flat Black and Gloss Black colors and comes in Quart as well as Gallon sizes.

How to prepare the surface before applying?

  • Ensure that the area is clean and dry
  • Clean all debris, moisture, and dirt
  • Pay special attention to fender beads and pockets as these are prime areas that trap dirt and road salts


  • Gallon and quart containers
  • 5 colors to choose from
  • Gallon coverage: 250 sq. ft.
  • Recommended DFT: 3 mils


PDF Prep, Mixing, Application & Cleanup Instructions

PDF Safety Data Sheet

Product SKU Price Order
White, 1 Gal - 28111 SEM-28111
Price: $85.86
Product SKU Price Order
Black, 1 Quart - 28104 SEM-28104
Price: $27.49
Product SKU Price Order
Black, 1 Gallon - 28101 SEM-28101
Price: $86.99
Product SKU Price Order
Flat Black, Gallon - 28091 SEM-28091
Price: $85.86
Product SKU Price Order
Gloss Black, 1 Quart - 28064 SEM-28064
Price: $32.39
Product SKU Price Order
Gloss Black, 1 Gallon - 28061 SEM-28061
Price: $101.99
Product SKU Price Order
F.M.F. Gray, 1 Gallon - 28151 SEM-28151
Price: $85.86
Product SKU Price Order
Hardener & Gloss Enhancer, Pint - 38008 SEM-38008
Price: $35.99


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