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Robinair Cooltech A/C System Flusher - 17580

Robinair Cooltech A/C System Flusher - 17580

Robinair Cooltech A/C System Flusher - 17580

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The 17580 makes flushing of lines, evaporators and condensers fast and easy.

Get rid of unnecessary residue, grease, and oil from the interior of A/C condensers and evaporators with the Robinair Cooltech A/C System Flusher. A lot of unwanted buildup gets accumulated inside the A/C components and makes periodic cleaning essential so that the air conditioning system can perform optimally. This A/C Flusher makes use of a pulsating action to distribute solvent to every nook and corner of the components so that the waste can loosen out and dissolve during the flushing activity.

Designed to adhere to Robinair’s strict standards of quality, this A/C system flusher provides reliable service. What’s more, it works on minimum maintenance so that the equipment is cost-effective in the long run.

Prerequisites of operating the A/C System Flusher Unit

  • A gallon of the solvent is essential for implementing the flushing process. It works better to avoid foaming type solvents since the foam hinders the flusher’s pulsing action.
  • The flusher comes with a replaceable particle filter to clean the solvent while flushing is in progress. You must replace this particle filter each time you add the fresh solvent.
  • The activated carbon filter in the unit keeps a check on emissions and odors emanating from the purging process. You will need to replace the filter element in case you find the odors stronger than usual.
  • Fill solvent only to the ‘Full’ mark on the solvent indicator. Never fill the tank beyond the prescribed limit.
  • Comply with the solvent manufacturer’s directions on the number of times you can reuse the solvent before calling in for a replacement.

Post flushing, the Robinair Cooltech A/C System Flusher evaporates solvent from the components by passing a surge of dry air through it. This unit helps keep the automobile A/C components free of debris and contamination so that the air it gives you is fresh and healthy.

Key Features of the Robinair Cooltech A/C System Flusher:

  • Reliable Pulsing Action: loosens dirt and eliminates every trace of unwanted buildup
  • Closed Loop: circulates solvent non-stop through components
  • Hose Adapters: has necessary adapters that work in conjunction with 1/4" flare and 3/8" easy disconnect fitting kits
  • Air Agitation Needle Valve: sends a stream of bubbles into the solvent for better cleansing and rinsing
  • Sight Glass: is a see-through kind that makes filling quick and simple

Technical Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 52" H x 33" W x 20" D
  • Weight: 110 lbs. (50 kg)
  • Supply Pressure: 80-150 psi

Ships by truck freight.


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