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OTC Universal Belt Tension Gauge - 6673

OTC Universal Belt Tension Gauge - 6673

OTC Universal Belt Tension Gauge - 6673

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Keep a check on drive belt tension and enhance the life of the belt and bearing with the OTC Universal Belt Tension Gauge. Equipped with a scale that reads 30-180 inch lbs., this gauge is easy to operate.

How to use the OTC Universal Belt Tension Gauge

  1. Depress the ball completely so that the hook can engage the belt
  2. Hold the gauge square to the edge of the belt and release the ball with a quick, snapping action
  3. Take a reading of the tension units in pounds or newtons as indicated on the face of the dial, across the indicator on the gauge body.
  4. Set the tension of the belt as per the specifications laid out by the manufacturer
  5. Take off the gauge from the belt before you start the engine

Points to keep in mind when using the OTC Universal Belt Tension Gauge

  • Readings can differ to an extent in different locations on the same belt due to differences in the composition of the belt.
  • Do not test this belt tension gauge on a spliced area of the belt
  • To get accurate results, you must use the gauge only on the type of belt for which it is designed.
  • Make sure you use the gauge to cover the entire belt width since a less than complete coverage will not result in accurate readings.
  • To maintain the life of the gauge and keep it usable much longer, do not drop it. Do not use a snapping motion to release the ball if you have not mounted the gauge on a belt.
  • Keep the gauge clean to prevent dust or foreign particles from making a way into the housing and resulting in internal damage to the equipment.
  • Keep a regular check on gauge calibration by using a free weight. You can do this by suspending the weight on a single strand belt and attaching the gauge. The belt tension gauge dial must show the same reading as the weight. If this is not happening, you will need to get the gauge calibrated.

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