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OTC OBD II and ABD Scan Tool - 3208

OTC OBD II and ABD Scan Tool - 3208

OTC OBD II and ABD Scan Tool - 3208

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SKU:    OTC-3208
Price: $68.46

To resolve auto codes quickly and ensure the appropriate problems are being diagnosed and addressed, trust the OTC OBD II and ABD Scan Tool. This tool is designed to diagnose and fix problems on vehicles 1996 and newer when the check engine and ABS warning lights are on. The tool reads your onboard computer’s error signal, interprets the code, and displays the appropriate error breakdown for you to review and resolve!

This tool operates in real time, giving you live data that allows you to view vehicle sensor, switch and relay inputs without delay, while the engine is running. This ensures quicker, more accurate fixes and eliminates the need to hook up complicated hardware, run the vehicle, decipher the code and address the issue sequentially. This tool consolidates steps to give you a direct read-to-resolution approach to automotive care.

The OTC OBD II and ABD Scan Tool encompasses the entire gamut of OBD II and ABD codes, giving you comprehensive insight into a vehicle’s various error reports for more refined approaches to repair. Read and resolve powertrain, chassis, body and network issues via deciphered codes—the tool will even provide you with the parameters of the issue to assist in resolution approach.

In commercial automotive environments, this tool is optimal for quick reads. Moving from vehicle to vehicle is easier than ever—just use Read/Erase hot keys to quickly view and erase error codes for accuracy across an entire garage of vehicles. Identification of the problem is just the press of a button away!

Key Features of the OTC OBD II and ABD Scan Tool - 3208:

  • Applicable on all vehicles 1996 and newer
  • Works on GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota vehicles
  • Reads all OBD and ABS error codes
  • Operates with live data, in real time
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