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Mirka 1.25" Polarstar SR Finishing Discs

Mirka 1.25" Polarstar SR Finishing Discs

Mirka 1.25" Polarstar SR Finishing Discs


A favorite of auto body repair professionals worldwide, these 1¼” polishing discs are backed with a resilient polyester film, making them perfect for spot treatment and repair. In fact, numerous automotive plants use these discs in the finessing stage of the manufacturing process with superior results.

The discs have been specially designed for several different applications, including wet sanding, the removal of dust from top and clear coats and the correction of minor paint imperfections. They work well in both hand and machine sanding capacities, and feature an aluminum oxide grain that’s incredibly resilient in the face of heavy use.

Key Features of the Mirka 1.25" Polarstar SR Finishing Discs:

  • Finessing discs
  • Polyester film-backed
  • Great for spot repair, used at car plants in the finessing- and hospital area of the paint shops, automotive refinish processes. 
  • Suitable for both machine and hand sanding
  • Aluminum oxide grain
  • Each pack comes with 100 discs
  • Available grit: 5 Micron or 7 micron

Technical Specifications

  • Disc Size: 1-1/4" dia.
  • Adhesive: Water resistant PSA
  • Grain: Aluminium oxide
  • Backing: Polyester film
  • Color: Mint green (SR5), Lilac (SR7)
  • Coating: Defined mono-layer coating technology
  • Release paper: Paper with printed id/traceability information
  • Bonding: Resin over resin
  • Grit range: 3 micron (eqv. to 5000), 5 micron (eqv. to 3000), 7 micron (eqv. to 2500)
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5 Micron - SR-301-5A MRK-SR-301-5A
Price: $40.56
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7 Micron - SR-301-7A MRK-SR-301-7A
Price: $40.56

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