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Masking Paper Rolls

Masking Paper Rolls

Get better, more professional results on your auto-body paint job by relying on masking paper to protect the areas where you aren’t working. We always encourage shop owners, car restoration buffs, and anyone working in the refinishing field to keep a wide array of masking paper on hand. This way, you can always be sure of having the right materials for the job, helping you to work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Utility grade green masking paper is designed for when you’re working with lacquers, solvent-based enamels, and oil-based paints – offering a high level of durability for priming and painting. Steel Grey masking paper is specifically marketed for the automotive industry, especially when you need to resist sealers, solvents, paints, and clear coat systems. Scotchblok masking paper has excellent conformability when you need to move around a lot of curves and edges. You can also opt for white masking paper when you need large quantities of product with bleed-through protection.

All of these masking papers come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and bulk quantities so you can pick and choose exactly how much you need.

Masking Paper Delivered Now

No matter what kind of masking tape works best for your approach to painting and refinishing, you’ll find everything you need in the Auto Body Toolmart warehouse. Because we work with so many different auto body repair shops around the country, we’ve come to realize that masking paper is one of those items you need regular shipments of – and that it helps to have a low-cost, reliable source to turn to for all your purchases.

Keep your garage running smoothly with enough masking tape to finish all your jobs, and purchase it from a company that also keeps a regular supply of materials like overspray sheeting on hand. When you make Auto Body Toolmart your partner in automotive excellence, you always have access to the goods you need.