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Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Remover

Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Remover

Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Remover

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Non-Corrosive to Common Metals

Whether it’s removing finishes from metallic surfaces of bicycles, trucks or automobiles, a paint stripper will do the job very well. But how do you find a good one that is both functional and economical? We have the right solution for you. 

The Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Remover helps you do a professional job of your paint removing work. The paint remover is a fast acting, heavy bodied formula that is an excellent choice for stripping multiple layers of paint. It is adept at removing various finishes such as baked enamel, epoxies, lacquers, acrylics, polyurethanes and more.

This is a non-corrosive formula that does not harm normal metals when used under the specified exposure time. It works in just five minutes time and is highly effective on vertical surfaces. For vertical surfaces, we recommend thicker stripping solution as it helps in better sticking and makes work a whole lot easier. 

EPA compliant in all 50 states, this paint remover is a non flammable and a combustible liquid that is better stored in a cool place. The paint remover rinses in water.

We recommend that you apply liberal quantities of the remover and wait for five minutes for it to work on the existing paint. When you see that the existing paint has blistered or liquefied, you can begin abrading or scratching the finish to help speed up stripping action.

When the finish is extremely tough, you can secure a polyethylene film over wet remover to avoid evaporation. It is best you let it stand for at least two hours and then reapply the second coating for better removal. If ever the stripper dries on the surface, you can scrape the portion that has loosened and then reapply.

For better coverage, we also recommend that you daub the remover on the surface rather than use a brush. If the coat is thin, it may lead to faster drying and makes the remover ineffective. 

For better removal, we also suggest that you mask trim openings and seams which can effectively stop bleed-back stripping of new finish. Get a job well done with the Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Remover.

Key Features of the Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Remover:
  • Used On Various Finishes: such as enamel, epoxies, acrylics, lacquers, polyurethanes and more
  • Heavy Bodied Formula: works excellently well on lateral surfaces
  • Non Corrosive: does not harm the metal when used under specified exposure time
  • Available in an 18oz. Aerosol Can, 1qt. Can, and 1 Gallon Can
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Next Day or 2nd Day, AK & HI, & International delivery not available.
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18oz. Aerosol - EAR322 KLE-EAR322
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Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 4
1. on 1/11/2017, said:
This product contains 60 percent methylene chloride and ammonia. Both are corrosive to aluminum sheet used in increasing amounts for auto and truck bodies. F-150, F-250 truck bodies have substantial aluminum content now and Audi high end German cars are also using more aluminum sheet metal. Methylene chloride can react with exposed aluminum to make aluminum chloride salts and that is CORROSION!. To claim this stuff is safe for airplane bodies is marketing hype. FAA will not permit dangerous methylene chloride when safer alternatives exist! For regular steel, nothing is faster than methylene chloride methanol ammonia to strip hard catalyzed paint but don't risk destroying aluminum sheet with this stuff. Not sure what you have? Use a magnetic first!
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2. on 3/3/2015, said:
Works great, used to be stronger... Best I've used in 25 years
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3. on 2/20/2015, said:
Product was just as advertised... Did a fine job.
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