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Inductor Pro-Max 3 Induction Heating System - PM-2000-U3

Inductor Pro-Max 3 Induction Heating System - PM-2000-U3

Inductor Pro-Max 3 Induction Heating System - PM-2000-U3

Induction Innovations
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You can now easily remove moldings, glass, mechanical and suspension parts with the help of the Inductor Pro-Max 3 Induction Heating System. The induction heat generated by the heating system allows you to heat metallic objects without damage to their nearby parts.

The high-performance induction inverter uses 120V/20A/2200W with a true maximum Output of over 2000 watts, making it an energy efficient inverter. With this induction inverter, you do not have to look out for expensive extension cords or for a nearby 240v outlet, which results in better speed, versatility and higher profits for you.

The ProMax kit comes with the Universal Series attachments, U-311, U-411, and U-211. The attachments are well-designed with tapered bodies and beveled edges, unlike other basic block designs, making the attachments easily accessible to various outlines and obstacles.

U-311 Glass Blaster

  • High mount keeps the cord away from nearby panels.
  • Ergonomic gripping for control
  • Fits perfectly into the floor ribs of pickups to help remove bedliners
  • The beveled edges at the base allow you to place the magnetic field close to the pinchweld on wider glass moldings
  • Best used on appliqué, glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives, spray-on bed liners, and more

U-411 Concentrator

  • The tapered body and compact design allow you to get the attachment in hard to reach places
  • Helps you remove seam-sealers in a matter of seconds without trouble or mess
  • Turn bolts hot (1400ºF) in seconds
  • Helps you remove hail dents without any special attachment
  • Best used for caulking, to release seized hardware, metal shrinking, soft dents and thread lock compounds.

U-211 Fast Pad Off

  • The outer material of this attachment is softer on paint and is more durable than fiberglass
  • The reversible Velcro hand strap increases the life of attachment
  • Can be used on either side
  • The work coil is flat and flexible to encounter various sheet metal contours
  • Best used for Moldings, Stripes, Graphics, Vapor Barriers, Sound pads, nameplates/emblems, Stress relieving sheet metal, vinyl roofs etc.

How does induction heating work?

Induction heating is an efficient and a faster way to heat electrically-conductive materials or metals. An induction heating system consists of an induction power supply that converts power to electromagnetic current. When you place the workpiece in the coil, the field induces a current in the workpiece to heat it. You can heat metals such as copper, aluminum, brass or steel. You can also heat non-conductive materials such as plastic and glass. Induction creates a strong electromagnetic field in a coil and then transfers energy to the piece that must be heated.

Why is induction method of heating helpful?

  • Provides efficient and repeatable heating
  • Allows rapid heating and is considered safe as there is no flame
  • Precise heating of workpiece allows longer life of the fixture

Key Features of the Inductor Pro-Max 3 Induction Heating System

  • UL /CSA Listed GFI protects entire unit for safety
  • Includes storage for attachments
  • Trouble Free Pneumatic Foot Switch
  • Audible and Visual power indicators
  • Inline connector resists tug damage offering best strain relief
  • Heats Aluminum and Steel
  • Made in the USA


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