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Now In: Glass & Windshield Tools

Glass & Windshield Tools

Auto Glass & Windshield Tools, Adhesives, and Supplies

When it comes to replacing or removing windows, glass, and windshields in a car or truck, proper tools and supplies are imperative. Trying to use tools like screwdrivers to pry a windshield away from a car is just a bad idea. You could damage or ruin the piece of glass and can even get hurt. When you are dealing with a rare car or a one of kind piece of glass this is not the type of mistake you can afford to have. Another silly mistake many people make is they do not use a high quality sealant and adhesive to replace windows and glass. High strength glass adhesives from 3M will make sure you do not have a leaky car or a piece of glass falling off your car or truck.

Auto Glass Tools Anyone Can Use

Many automotive glass and windshield tools are simple to use but also need to be used for a specific application. Like many tools when you use them for something other than their intended purpose you can cause more harm than good. For example a screwdriver is meant for turning screws and not prying or scraping and with this misuse you can damage your tool so why not order a windshield scraper or a windshield knife and suction cup. If you have a production shop you need these tools to make sure your work is 100% and not going to be a problem that you will need to repair after the client has left with their vehicle.

When you need anything for auto repair and bodywork you can depend on Auto Body Toolmart. We carry everything you need to replace, remove, or re-install auto glass, windshields, and mirrors. Visit us 24 hours a day and order all you need for any car repair project and enjoy some of the best prices in the industry.

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