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Gas Caddys & Fluid Evac

Finding the perfect fuel storage and transfer solution is easy when you turn to Auto Body Toolmart for all your gas caddy and fluid evacuator needs. Whether you deal primarily in car repair, motorcycle repair, or salvage work, you need a reliable way to remove and transfer gas. Gas caddys in multiple sizes allow you to get the job done and get on your way that much faster.

When you need a professional-grade gas caddy, options like the basic 25 Gallon Gas Caddy provide a no-hassle solution. With dolly handles and steel wheels for easy transport, fire-screened vents, and cast iron pumps, you can keep the contents safe and work with large gas quantities. You can also opt for the Fuel Chief Poly Gas Caddy, which provides the same size of tank with a pump for filling boats, motorcycles, and cars.

Beyond Gas Caddys

When you need more than a way to move gasoline around, you’re probably in the market for a fluid evacuator. Fluid evacuators can be used for a variety of different fluids and fluid types, which makes them an ideal method of extraction and transfer. Many of the types of fluid evacuators we carry can be used for engine oil, gear oil, coolant, power steering fluid, or even brake fluid.

Depending on the size of the garage you run and what you need the fluid evacuator for, you can choose between options like the high-capacity and electric John Dow Industries 275-Gallon IBC TOTE Dispensing System or a more basic 9 Liter Manual Fluid Extractor that you can use at home.

Because we believe that no job is too big or too small for the right tools, Auto Body Toolmart carries a full range of gas caddys and fluid evacuators. Find the perfect fit for your automotive needs and let us do the rest.