Glass Removal and Installation

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The technique for reinstalling quarter glass or windshield or back light for glass held in place by weatherstripping is all the same. Obtain a piece of 5/16 to 3/8 inch dia. nylon cord. Make sure it is long enough to wrap completely around the weatherstrip and overlap across the corner of the glass (see diagram). First attach the weatherstrip to the glass making sure that the outside of the weatherstripping faces the outside of the glass.

The weatherstrip has two grooves, one for the glass and one for the mating flange on the body shell. Insert the nylon cord into the groove for the sheet metal flange. Push it all the way down inside the groove and pull it tightly around the weatherstrip and overlap it at one of the corners of the glass as shown in the diagram.



Press Glass Into Opening and Pull Cord:

Spray silicone lubricant into this groove so the cord and the weatherstrip is thoroughly soaked on the inside as well as the side that faces the glass opening. You can’t use too much lubricant for this step.

Press the glass into the opening from the outside of the car. Use even pressure to hold it up against all of the opening. You may need more hands to do this so use an assistant if you have to. While pressure is being applied from the outside of the car holding the glass into its opening, start pulling one end of the nylon cord towards you while you are inside the car. Be careful not to tear the lip of the weatherstrip while doing this. Starting at a corner of the glass, gently pull the nylon cord, working it in a circular motion to gradually coax the lip of the weatherstrip into into its seat on the mating flange.
Work in one direction only, seating the weatherstrip as you pull out the nylon cord. You will pull the cord out all the way around until you hit the overlap area. The overlap is there in case the weatherstrip unseats as you go around.

This completes the installation.
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