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Remove Quarter Glass:


Removing and replacing glass held in place by weatherstripping is a little more straightforward. Let’s use an example of a quarter glass first. Quarter glass can easily be removed by one person without breaking.

From the inside of the car and using the thumbs and forefingers, start by gently working out the lip of the weatherstrip on a corner of the quarter glass. Proceed from this corner around the quarter glass gradually working out the lip while gently pushing the quarter glass outward. Work all the way around the quarter glass in this manner to first loosen the lip of the weatherstripping.




Obtain a spray can of silicon glass lubricant available from your local refinish supply house and thoroughly wet the surrounding edges of the weatherstrip all the way around the edges of the glass. This will help dislodge the weatherstrip from its seat and make it easier to remove the glass.


Finish Removing Quarter Glass: Select a rounded corner of the quarter glass as a candidate for pushing the glass and weatherstrip out and push out this corner to dislodge the weatherstrip from the sheet metal mating flange.

If the glass doesn’t dislodge without flexing, you have to work the lip out more before pushing. Don’t force it or you will break the glass.

Once you have worked a corner completely out, it is easy to finish the job. Gradually pull the lip of the weatherstrip away from the mating flange from both directions of the pushed-out corner. The glass will come completely out with the weatherstrip attached to it.


Remove Windshield: Removing the windshield is a little trickier than quarter glass. First, it’s bigger and it is usually curved. Second, sometimes this requires an assistant to help. Start by removing any trim pieces on the weatherstrip that may be wedging the weatherstrip in place. Also remove any interior trim from around the glass. Start by loosening the lip of the weatherstripping all the way around from the inside of the car as with the quarter glass.

You will be using your feet to dislodge the glass. Adjust the front seats and assume the position shown in the diagram. You will be pushing both top corners at the same time. If you have used enough silicone lubricant and loosened the weatherstrip enough, the top two corners will pop out.



There is no guarantee here. It is easy to break the glass. Only attempt this if you are willing to replace the glass.


Again, use silicon glass lubricant and thoroughly wet the edges of the trim pieces on the weatherstrip so they are easily removed. If this is an old car with worn weatherstripping, take care not to tear it.

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