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Dent Repair

Dent Repair Tools, Supplies, and Systems

Every body shop or garage needs supplies and specific tools to get projects completed and dent repair is no different.  Auto Body Toolmart carries everything you need to fix a dent in any car, motorcycle, truck, or antique because a big hammer cannot fix everything.

Auto Body Toolmart Carries Everything To Finish Your Dent Repair Projects

Every dent, scratch, or blemish requires different techniques and materials to make things look new again. Some dents require a hammer & dolly to pound out the dents and waves in the metal and some just need a thin skim of body filler or putty. While some coach builders fix and bend metal until they get the result they want, many body shops look for increased productivity and ease of use.  For that reason we carry the best of the best. Our full line of 3M automotive products, Bondo spreaders, Stud Guns and even paintless dent repair (PDR) kits can help make your shop a full service repair shop. We have the perfect line up to meet any needs if you are just a weekend warrior restoring an old muscle car or an auto dealer with a large volume of repairs to make. We do our best to carry all you need at prices you would expect that only large product shops would find.

Body work is an art form much like painting and sculpting and requires a keen eye and attention to detail. With a steady hand and our high quality dent repair tools and products you can become an auto body artist as well. Learn to fix dents without paintwork or refinish your old hotrod in your garage with your own hands. Either way you can get the products you need to tackle any dent repair project at Auto Body Toolmart.

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