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# 4000 - Big Champ Pulling Post Instruction Manual

Features of Post

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    Congratulations on your purchase of the BIG CHAMP POWERED POST. You can be confident that you have the best powered post that will probably ever be developed. This machine was in development for over two years. Countless hours, concepts, and drawings were poured over during this time as well as the construction of different prototypes. After this period a final prototype was built, and only then did CHAMP consider it for production. But after its initial tests, it performed so well and was so sturdy that the decision was made not to make any of the usual changes to cut costs which could result in a lowering of quality. CHAMP chose not to compromise its design so that you would have a state of the art pulling machine. This production version, with a ram, weighs over 250 pounds. That’s about a full 100 pounds over some competitor’s posts. This is a post elevated to a fine art ... and here we will explain. 

    Only after extensive field use in actual shop conditions did we discover the extent of its capabilities. Not only is it capable of fully independent, automatically equalized double pulls, but it also has built-in 5 and 10 ton power selections. With the addition of our model 4002 power pulley assembly, the power can be boosted to 20 tons. A third pull can be achieved with the addition of our models 4003 and 4005 skyhook and triple pull kit. Three pulls on a single post! That’s unheard of! The following is a brief explanation of each of its capabilities:
INDEPENDENT DOUBLE PULLS — Using the model 4001 double pull kit accessory, this versatile post will do two SEPARATE pulls. This is accomplished by splitting the ram travel via a system of pulleys, thereby achieving two independent pulls.

INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE DOUBLE PULLS — Unlike some other double pull posts, the distance between the pulls is variable - every two inches (not four inches
as with some posts).

AUTOMATICALLY EQUALIZED DOUBLE PULLS — This means as the pressures change between each separate pull, they
are compensated for by a unique system of anchoring. This is a CHAMP innovation.

VARIABLE TONNAGE ON TWO PULLS — Each pulling position is capable of either 10 tons or 20 tons of pull - again completely independent of each other. Many
combinations are possible.

VERTICAL PULLS — Using the model 4003 Skyhook Assembly, the post can do vertical pulls.

TRIPLE PULLS — No other post we know of can make this claim. With the model 4005 Triple Pull Kit, a third pull can be made while two other pulls are locked off under tension. This is unbelievable control and versatility.

BUILT-IN 5 AND 10 TON PULLS — With the single pull alone and no attachments, the post will pull both 5 or 10 tons.

CONSTANT HOLDING — Unlike dozer-type pullers, continuous tension on the chains is maintained with chain locks. This feature applies to the double pulling capabilities as well. Either of the two pulls can be locked
off at any time while the other pull can be continued, locking it off between strokes of the ram. Continuous tension is always maintained.

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