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Battery Chargers/Jump Starters

Battery Chargers / Jump Starters

No shop, dealership, or used car lot is complete without a reliable jump starter or battery charger. Offering a portable way to start cars and keep batteries of all kinds operating at their peak, our battery chargers are used by professionals who want consistent quality as well as individual car owners who never want to get caught unaware.

Because we offer shop-level battery charging options, our warehouse is fully stocked with brands like Clore Automotive’s Jump-N-Carry, which boasts industrial-grade multifunction tools that allow you to charge multiple batteries within a short time frame. Other popular shop options include the complete OTC Minuteman Charging Station and various battery analyzers, which can be used to help with all your diagnostic needs. 

For individual users, we find that the Astro Portable Power Supply is a popular choice. In addition to serving as an emergency battery charger for your car, this forward-thinking product also allows you to charge cell phones and other electronics in times of an emergency. And if you really want a battery charging option that can stand up to any situation, our range of solar battery chargers provide long-lasting results no matter what’s happening around you.

Battery Chargers and Battery Accessories

All of the portable jump starters and battery chargers we carry offer high performance results that you can rely on. That’s why we match each of these options with quality battery accessories. If you’re in the market for three-way battery tools or terminal brushes, either in bulk or to purchase individually, we have options in brands you trust.  

Auto Body Toolmart knows that the key to keeping things running is having a reliable power source. With our automotive battery chargers, jump starter kits, charging stations, and more, you’ll never be at a loss for smooth starts and successful finishes!