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Floor Anchor Installation and Removal Instructions

Removing Floor Anchors
- Using Remover Tube

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1.   Position remover tube over anchor as shown with puller klaw and chain.

2.   Position anchor press over puller tube as shown with chain protruding from opening.

3.   Install ram and puller claw assembly into press if not already prepared.

4.   Attach chain to puller claw removing all the slack.

5.   Slowly apply pressure to pump. Sleeve should easily rise from hole in floor.

6.   Extend ram fully. Sleeve should be completely free of hole and will remove easily.

7.   Pull anchor press and ram off puller tube with freed sleeve. Repeat if one extension of ram is not enough.

8.   Removed anchor may be reinstalled. Strike even hammer blows on 4 sleeve tangs to restore sleeve for re-pressing.

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