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# 1600 Floor Anchor Pot Installation and Removal Instructions

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Floor Anchor Parts Identification:

These instructions are for floor anchors with removable chain feature. Such anchors typically include T-slotted anchor expander and chain retaining wedge.

Required Tools:

Anchor Press Stand (Left)
Anchor Puller Claw (Right)

Additional Tools Required:

  • 10 Ton, 6 inch Stroke Ram (With Threaded Ends)
  • 10 Ton Hydraulic Air Pump
  • Vacuum Base Core Drill (Wet System)
  • 3 1/2” Diamond Bit (.020” to .025” oversize)
  • Puller Tube
  • Miscellaneous hand tools

Assembling Floor Anchor

1.   Anchor expander has T-slot on bottom. Chain can be adjusted one link at a time by turning 1/4 turn.

2.   Insert chain into slot with one link under expander bottom for normal installation.

3.   Insert chain retaining wedge and press firmly into slot. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PRESS WITHOUT RETAINING WEDGE!

4.   Grasp anchor sleeve and pre-assembled expander and chain.

5.   Firmly insert anchor expander with chain into anchor sleeve.

6.   Hold assembly by wire ring making sure anchor expander is evenly aligned to sleeve.

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