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#7080 - CHAMP
Mercedes Custom Adapters

Use of the # 7080 Mercedes Benz Euro-Adapter kit is very simple and straight forward. For Mercedes models without pinchwelds, this adapter set will secure the vehicle onto most standard four-point clamping systems manufactured by other companies such as Blackhawk, Buske, Kansas Jack or Major Bench Systems. Simply insert the removable jacking tube swivel into the jacking tube of the vehicle and clamp the adapter plate into the jaws of your clamping system. It is important that your clamping system be secure. If you have a square type holder, the adapters will always be positioned with the four points in the same relationship with each other during corrective stresses. If, however you are using a double cross tube type holder, the cross tubes must be secured to the floor in such a manner so as not to allow them to shift about. To do so may damage the adapters and/or the vehicle.




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