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#1541- Shark II Dent Removal System

Tip Sheet for Shark II

In order to properly use the Shark II please follow these tips


    1. Prepare the metal:

      a. Use a 60 to 80 grit grinding pad to clean the metal. (This ensures that the paint, rust, primer, and any other coatings will be taken off of the work surface, not ground into it).

      b. Make sure the work surface is free of any moisture.

    2. Using the Shark II:

      a. Be sure the unit is plugged in directly to a 120 volt 20 amp wall outlet. (Do not use an extension cord – a power drop will occur that will affect the performance of the unit)

      b. Make sure the electrode end is clean and ground to a 1/16” diameter (similar to a broken pencil lead). Use a clean grinding pad or bench grinder to redress the tip when necessary. (Using a dirty grinding wheel will result in impurities being ground into the tip and impairing the performance of the unit).

      c. Attach the ground magnet to a cleanly ground area of the work surface. (Note that the copper center in the magnet is all that is required for a proper ground).

      d. Adjust the timer:

      1. 0.0-0.5 – For pulling using the electrode & pry bar (MORE IS NOT BETTER).
      2. 1.0-1.6 – For installing pin gun studs.
      3. 0.5-3.0 – For shrinking, use discretion

      e. Using the pry bar:

      1. Place the foot of the pry bar on sturdy surface on the work area.
      2. Place the electrode through the rails of the pry bar & lightly touch the desired pull spot. (Do not push the electrode into the work surface – this will prevent the unit from making the weld).
      3. Hold the button on the weld handle until timer cycles.
      4. Pull gently with the pry bar until desired pull is obtained.
      5. Relax the pull then twist the handle left & right to break the weld.
      6. Repeat over work surface as necessary.
      7. If repeated use causes tip to get hot, cool it off in a cup of water& continue using. Redress the tip as necessary, see 2b.

      f. Installing pins:

      1. Insert stud into the shrink/nail head.
      2. Lightly (1-2lbs pressure) push the stud against the work surface.
      3. Hold the button on the weld handle until timer cycles.
      4. Repeat over work surface as necessary.

      g. Shrinking:
      1. Place domed edge of shrink tip against desired area.
      2. Push against work as necessary while simultaneously pushing button.
      3. Repeat as necessary.


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